Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below

Can you add *** currency?

You can add any custom currency in app settings or enter it while creating a debt on ioutool.net.

Can I see what automatic email reminders look like?

Yes, here's an example.

Can you add interest rate to debt?

Interest rate feature is planned for later.

I made a backup, how to restore it?

Restore is only available in Pro version of Android app. Place the backup files in /sdcard/iou/backup/ so the app can find it. Remember, you can sync to and back from ioutool.net and it works in all apps for free.

What is a recurring debt?

It's a debt that is recreated after a set period.
Example: You need to pay a mobile phone bill of $50 every month. Create a $50 debt, set due date of next bill, reoccur monthly, and the reoccur date same as due date (or later if you prefer). You won't have to set this up every time, dates will be updated automatically. Note that if you want to stop recurring a debt, remove this setting first then delete the debt.

What is a periodic payment?

Periodic payments are just reminders. It's like setting multiple due dates for a debt.
Example: You need to pay $60 within half a year, paying $10 every month. Create a $60 debt, set periodic payment of $10 every month, set the date of the first payment. You will be notified every month and will be able to place a payment with a single click on a button. Once the debt is repaid, it's closed and there will be no more notifications.

I don't want to receive emails from ioutool.net.

Follow the "unsubscribe" link that is attached to the bottom of a email.

Will I get Pro versions of mobile apps after subscribing to Pro account?

No, these are separate. Pro account enables additional features on ioutool.net, but is not related to any mobile app.

I have a great feature idea / I found a nasty bug!

Use the feedback form to the right on this page or "contact developer" in app. Every single message is carefully read and most of them are responded to.

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Every single message is carefully read and most of them are responded to.