Keep record of debts, bills and loans

Think how much you can save by remembering all the small debts

With IOU you will not forget about that book you gave someone or who owes you for a lunch. It's even possible to keep track of loans and periodic bills - all in this single app. Access your data with a browser or on the go with mobile apps.

already repaid to thousands of users

Start saving your money now!


What IOU can do for you

  • Keep track of all personal debts, bills and loans
  • Get notifications for overdue debts
  • Send email reminders to your debtors
  • Sync with mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows 8
  • Share debts with your contacts
  • Keep repaid debts history
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(Android user)
love love it
This app is perfect for keeping track of what is owed by me and to me. Reminders of required payments etc make this a fantastic tool.

(iPhone user)
Best IOU App!
I tried 7 other apps before this one and they all required pulling contact info from Facebook or your contacts and some req a login. This one is simple and effective, it has all the features I wanted like being able to enter a name or choosing from your contacts, a place for memos, due date and if it's recurring (like to keep track of roommate expenses or to remind yourself) I could easily navigate the app which was great. Loooove it!

(Android user)
Great app
This app has changed my life. I started with free version only bought the paid version because any app this useful, I want to have every future!

(iPhone user)
The best, Excellent, worth every penny
I have been searching and searching and searching for an IOU app. Bought at least three and tried many. This one promised them all, The integration with the iPhone's contacts And ability to send text message, due date. It is fantastic